Tantra Massage & Feminine Embodiment Coaching for Women

Explore full-body relaxation through loving sensual touch.

What is Yoni Massage?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva or vagina, and it roughly translates as “sacred cave” or “sacred space.” Yoni massage is one of the many tantric practices that has been practiced in ancient India to enhance sexual pleasure and improve your sex life. Yoni massage can also be used as a form of vaginal care, to relieve stress and tension and heal stored trauma.
This beautiful practice aims to help you learn to receive, resensitize the vulva and increase sensation and healing. One of the many incredible things about yoni massage is that it gives you full permission to receive and let go of the need to perform or get anywhere. Here you learn to be with your yoni and really surrender to her pleasure and all the magic she can bring you. There is no judgment, no expectations, and no trying to get anywhere. 90% of the time when a woman is touched on her genitals there is excessive force, or she is trying to become/stay wet or reach an orgasm. With yoni massage you are simply practicing getting to know her, what she likes, and how to bring more sensation, love, and awareness to this exquisite and highly sensitive part of your body. When you begin to soften, bring in mindfulness and really get to know her you set the foundation for increased body confidence and a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

What Does a Tantra Session for Women Look Like?

You will be sensually massaged over your whole body while beautiful soft music plays in the background. The massage movements are slow, and invite deep relaxation. Warm organic grade almond oil and essential oils are used, and candles are lit to create a warm inviting ambiance.

A standard session is usually 2-hours in length and is designed to support the client in accessing their full ecstatic potential. The framework of any 2-hour session or longer starts with a quick check-in, then we move through a series of grounding and intimacy-building exercises. This could be a variation of light touch, guided meditation, eye gazing, and breathwork. After about 30 minutes, we proceed with the tantra massage. All sessions include time for checking in, reviewing boundaries and consent and a quick debrief after the session time.

Because sensual massage focuses on the whole body, including your intimate areas, it gives you a head-to-toe experience that is simply unparalleled.


For some women, it can be a new and emotional experience to be touched in a gentle, soft, and conscious way and for many women, it can be wonderful to be touched in a way without having to think about what comes next.

Women have been so far removed from the power and pleasure potential of our yoni’s that we are used to experiencing pain, numbness, or even spending years with unwanted sex.

There is a wellspring of untapped joy and ecstatic pleasure waiting to be discovered.

I provide a safe space where you can begin to dearmor from all the societal conditioning and assumptions about what it means to be a woman. You are invited to listen to, and get to know your body’s desires – not in relation to intercourse or pleasing your partner. There is no agenda, no performance required – just simple loving touch, woman to woman.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching for Women

For women looking for more specialized support to release psychological blocks and access amazing depths of self-love and self-acceptance, coaching is also available. Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a blend of coaching and experiential exercises designed to get you in touch with your feminine power. Drawing on my intuition, along with psychotherapy tools, and specific embodiment techniques (such as movement and body awareness exercises, etc.) you get one-to-one support, to help you connect to yourself more deeply as a woman. I create a sacred and supportive environment that gives you permission to explore all the ways you have held yourself back. All the ways you’ve kept yourself small. All the ways that you are putting yourself last and are limiting yourself from embracing your full potential. For more information on coaching packages and rates, please fill out the intake form.

“Working with Allegra is a complete joy! Her counsel is heartfelt, inviting, and very nurturing. Before working with Allegra, I was the dried-out, work-obsessed intellectual. I lived in my head and felt completely severed from the neck-down. I over-intellectualized emotionally-charged situations to avoid being present. She showed me simple and effective exercise techniques that allow me to be aware of the sensations, feelings, and messages in my body. She taught me how to develop the inner-ear, the intuitive wisdom of the divine feminine, and how to trust and embrace it”

"Women Are Sitting On The Biggest Energy Generators On The Planet (Their Yoni’s)–But They Don’t Realize It Because Of All The Secrecy And Shame In Our History For Thousands Of Years."

Investment Options for Women

Introductory Session
“Goddess Awakening"

2.5-Hours $550 For the full tantric experience: More time is given to allow for a deeper opening. Session intertwines breathwork, sound, and touch to bring you into a state of ecstatic bliss. Session includes:
Discussion around
Consent/Boundaries, Review of Goals/Intentions
Disrobing and Shame Release / Tantric Rituals
1-hr Tantric Massage*

Standard Session
“Shakti Rising”

2- Hours $475 An introduction to Tantra, this session intertwines light discussion, breathwork, sound, and touch to bring you into a state of ecstatic bliss. Session includes:
Discussion around Consent/Boundaries,
Review of Goals/Intentions
Disrobing and Shame Release Ritual
1-hr Tantric Massage*

*Session time usually goes over by 12-20 minutes to allow debriefing at the end. The practitioner is in shorts/tank top. The client is full/optional nudity. Feminine Embodiment Coaching can be included in the sessions for clients looking for more specialized support with body confidence, connecting to their self-worth and feminine energy

Benefits of Tantric Massage & Intimacy Coaching:

*Awaken nerve endings in the vagina tissues resulting in deeper and longer orgasms
*Release muscle tension from the pelvic floor and vaginal walls that may cause pain or numbness
*Restore natural sensitivity so you can feel more during intercourse
*Increase blood circulation and flow of oxygen in the genitals – better flow means more lubrication and intense orgasms
*Get to know your own body more intimately
*Increase awareness and sensitivity to different body parts you’ve never felt before