Allegra is very professional and supportive. Once the session starts, prepare to be transported to another world. It felt like being a canvas under the touch of a master artist. I highly recommend her!

My partner and I took this tantric session as a way for us to increase our intimacy and connection. When we met with Allegra, she was keen to get to know us as a couple to help cater the experience to our needs. During the session, Allegra was coaching us to attend to each other’s needs while prioritizing our comfort. The whole experience helped us learn the value of slowing down and how sensual it can be. Would definitely love to continue expanding our tantra practice with Allegra!

“Thank you… thank you so much for the session last week. We had looked forward to it for weeks, and it was even better than we had imagined. We enjoyed it, if you could not tell, a LOT, and have talked about it a lot since. Our night back the hotel afterward was, ah, charged.   We thought you were… true to your word, lovely, beautiful, sexy, sultry and so open and engaging… And we would really like to explore some options for what could be next working with you

The whole evening was incredible, and definitely exceeded our expectations. It was an evening of pure connection and also allowed each other to show the appreciation we have for another through physical touch. Your ability to connect with us so easily truly showcases your passion for Tantra

Time with Allegra is both a gift and an incredibly beautiful experience. From the moment she greets you with her beautifully seductive eyes to the time where it comes to leave her studio, you are meant to feel like the only client she is taking care of. Allegra will spend the time getting to know her clients, what they are looking for from the experience and together will help set clear and honest boundaries for the session. Her massage and touch is absolutely life-changing and will leave you breathless on the table; I cannot wait to re-visit her sacred temple space very soon!

Thank you. We learned a lot. It was an altering experience for us. You helped us slow down, go to place it is hard for us to access, and find a new level of intimacy. We want to come back, learn more, build and experience more.

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for last evening. It was truly an amazing and fulfilling experience. You are a wonderful woman. You made me feel emotions that have been locked away most of my life. I now feel that there is much more inside of me still to discover. I think where I am at this point in my life that the timing was perfect. I probably wasn’t ready in the past to explore myself in depth. Too many distractions.

Hello Allegra, I can't overstate how beneficial our sessions have been. Both in learning about myself and satisfying long-neglected needs. My mental health was absolutely suffering for the last couple of years and the short time I've spent with you has done wonders for my overall outlook and demeanour Thank you again for all your kind words, understanding, compassion and expertise. I definitely look forward to working with you again soon

Thank you for the time you invested in me I truly do appreciate it. You are a special person who I feel truly cares about the work you do and the individuals you guide.

Thank you again for creating such a safe and heart-opening space both for and with us. You have a magical energy and we feel privileged to have experienced this with you.

Thank you again for allowing me to connect in such a special way with you. You are truly lovely in every way and I would love to explore this path much deeper with you.

She should come with a warning sign, has lingering after effects. You may continue thinking about her for days

Who knew Tantra Massage was an exchange of thoughts through stares, smiles, touch, temperature changes from cool to sensual body heat, feelings, quiet rituals, smell, arousal, soft gongs in a completely sacred and confidential environment that somehow transforms you into this relaxed state of; “sure, same time next week”. That’s when you know, you just spent 2 hours with Allegra. Loved. Worthy. Aroused. Alive.

Dear Allegra, The experience you created with us was simply magical! My partner and I found the whole evening to be profoundly intimate, heart-opening and sexy AF 🙂 You created an atmosphere that was reassuring and comfortable, while simultaneously being stimulating and erotic. Wow! We appreciated your clarity through our initial conversations and respectful nature in explaining what you do, so we understood both the boundaries and exciting possibilities. You are a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and it was a genuine pleasure to send time with you. We are excited to put what we learned into ever-deeper action in our intimate relationship. Thanks again for such a magical experience. A + J xo

The intensity and depth of this practice allowed me to feel a profound connection and presence. It was as if time stood still, and I was able to fully immerse myself in the moment.

Hi Allegra, Thank you for such an amazing experience. It was truly eye-opening and euphoric. I will try to practice what you taught me going forward. You are a beautiful person inside and out. It felt as though I was being guided by a goddess. Thank you again

Just wanted to drop you a line. A very powerful session yesterday and still thinking about it. Thank you!

You are so friendly and accommodating that it made me feel like we are old friends; I could get a natural connection with you immediately. I am still full of the positive energy we built together. It has been such a fantastic experience to get lost in your beautiful eyes, caress your soft skin and hug you, something I wish never would end; after I left, I was already dreaming of the next time I would have such pleasure. Enjoying that moment was amazing, and I am trying to keep up all the positive outcomes with deep breathing, healthy food, and self-love.

I can’t thank you enough for being the awesome person and spiritual leader that you are. After only one coaching session with you, I have increased my self-worth and now and trying to be better for myself, as opposed to for others. Thanks for being who you are!!!

I was in a very good space before I saw you: relaxed, calm, happy, etc. Since I left you I have had an absolutely fabulous day!!! Thank you for your energy, time, and guidance today. Feeling very grateful.

The session was the most unique experience I have had where instead of the usual sensual massage, Allegra helped me connect with the physical being of me through a variety of touch, sound, feeling, and breathing.
Throughout the different exercises during our session, I started becoming progressively more aware of my present self and how much I relied on fantasy and escapism to find that kind of self-love and acceptance that comes from having a deep connection with oneself.
Through touch and breathing alone, I was able to realize how disconnected I tend to get with the physical sensations involved in building a connection with someone. And a lot of it had to do with a disconnect that I had from myself by denying myself actual self-love and physical self-awareness. This often would lead me to try to look for harder and stronger fantasies, relying on fantasies to have a fulfilling experience, and porn usage and maybe even addiction.
After doing some of the exercises on my own that Allegra suggested in her post-session follow-up, I was finally able to see how to give myself attention and love without relying on external visual stimulation or sexual fantasy. To realize that I, alone, was enough. It was like I was finally able to start connecting with myself.
Allegra is quite knowledgeable in breaking down those barriers and makes you feel realized and accepted not only as a body but as a person. The truly deep realizations happened after our session. I realized how much physical and emotional unlearning I had to do about accepting myself and my soul in a way that it is deserving of honest pleasure as opposed to some contrived fantasy that takes me away from the reality in which all personal growth lives.